Is it shallow to be looking for a really good looking girl online?

Within chat rooms, date sites, and you'' tube vid's and such...

Talking about ranges of topics, including sex and personal stuff...

Treating everyone with respect though? Do you think its shallow to have that approach?


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  • No one will blame you as that's just something common . Shallow or knowledgable , does that make any difference online(especially when it's anonymous and random?

    • Well I understand that. Just I don't know what the associations are people make with the combination of that general desire of sexual and physical fulfillment as well as when applied through an online approach to relationships lol. I'm just not a very confident social person... I can easily be with the right people, just in my comfort zone with this online anonomous stuff. I feel I can see how people judge me for me, without being judged. I have a lot of self consciousness and insecurity I guess

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    • Sometimes I really wonder what criteria do people use when judging the quality of people's looking. I just think he who gets a nice heart gets the best quality.

    • Everyone has there ideal and attractive visualizations so... everyone has there own preferences in attractiveness... no two are the same...

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  • generally yes, but I'm not sure for what purpose because with the exeption of dating side, you're likley never gonna meet those people

    • Doesn't everyone want that though? In the ideal world... just, are generally not naive enough, or put enough importance on finding them characteristics?

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  • If you're looking for someone to date (either online or in person) then no, it's not shallow in my opinion. Everyone has a different idea of what a "really good looking girl" looks like. Obviously, physical attraction is very important when it comes to dating, so it's normal to only approach people who you think are good looking.

    If however you're just looking for friends, then it is quite shallow to only talk to good looking girls. Friendship is about personality and interests more than looks, so it shouldn't matter how good looking they are. It would be fine to only speak to girls who dress in the same styles as you and things like that, but it would be quite shallow to (for example) only speak to girls who are tall and slim with long blond hair and big boobs if you were looking for friends.

    • 1st bit applies. If I like them but I don't like their looks ill still talk to them and enjoy their company and opinions of me and such. That has happened 100 % of the time lol, because the people I find good looking don't have an interest in me so lol. Touche.

    • Yup, the good looking ones are generally harder to please and show less interest in people. It's like the more interest someone receives (because they are good looking for example) the less they are interested in other people. Weird huh.

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