Is There anything I can do?

There is ths girl she is like the best thing that ever happen to me, though she is my first; my first girl, my first love...she is infact my first. you know! in every relationship there's ups and downs. well our is not exceptional... so there is this guy that love her (my girl) since before I met her, he is kinda guy that never give up no matter what... like no matter what she did to him he never back up... he's kinda pushy... her parent kinda knows him even before I appears in her life. here is where the problem started; her parent wants to get her marry... he is the only guy her parent knows...she'd tried to talk to me into get to meet her parent but I guess I was scared Because I've never done it before and now her parent has pull the trigger.

am a mess I don't know what to do anymore. the possibilities of getting her in my life thinning away right before my eyez... its frustrating.. Plzz friends help me with I really need your advice on ths... Thanks


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  • Listen, as much as she loves you, parents can wear you down. If they try to convince her often enough at some point she might give in. At the very least she will start seeing certain things their way. They are for example probably pointing out that you didn't care enough about her to meet her parents, etc...

    You need to tell her that you would like to meet her parents. It might make you more comfortable, if you meet them in your territory. So you could invite them over to your place for dinner. Charm them. Have a game plan.

    You haven't given yourself the best card to start off with. They are probably not going to be as open to you as they would have been if you had met them earlier. But if you want to keep this girl you need to fight for her. Don't whine. Don't mope. Bite your teeth together and show her you're a man. Meet her parents, as scary as it might be.


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  • if you love her, then fight to be with her. Do whatever the situation calls for, if you have to meet her parents to convince them that they're making a mistake, then do it. I realized along time ago that running away from my fears is running away from being the man that I want to be, next time face you fears to leave little to regret. Good luck

    • Haaa! Thanks Man... That is the hardest thing I'm gonna do, buh anyway, I'm gonna do it.

      thanks once again.

  • Man up, dude.

    Go see her parents as soon as possible, with her. Tell them you are with her.

    If you don't do it, you'll let her be taken by the other guy, and that will mean you're not worth her.

    • Hi Man!

      to Man up some times is much more harder than its sounds... buh thanks for your advice I'll try to do what you said.