I've messed up , read my description and help? :(

I told this girl I really like her last week and she shown no interested in me... Now me and this guy are planning on getting together. It turns out the girl really does like me back too. She's really pissed off with me and I like her more than the guy. She says I've f*cked her over , what am I meant to do? I've never seen her this mad before:(


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  • Wtf did I just read?...

    • Read it properly , I really need someone's advice :(

    • Ok. Seems to me that she is jeluz like chick on period. Anyway, what worked for me in situations like this is,( well not ecsctly like this because I don't like gay ppl) tell her: don't be jealous. You know I love only you. The other guy, well I was trying to get over you.

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  • I'm highly educated dear, You're the one who needs education Anounymous T. The bible is a story huh well see sweetheart you just showed your lack of education. If you make a choice in life make it, But don't have such a thin skin when other people gives their opinion. If the bible is a story and I'm assuming your saying its made up well why would it have history, We teach history and normal history was based on fact dear. Most people want teach anything fake.

    • My question has nothing to do with the bible. The bible was man made , Jesus himself didn't write it did he? NO! There's not enough evidence that he actually existed or the story itself exists.I honestly don't need educated about the bible, I couldn't careless about the bible to be honest. You was practically being homophobic , yeah I care about it. Homophobic people can go commit for all I care and so can bible bashers ;) How thick can you actually get? No one actually knows that went on then..

    • I was basicly responding to the other young lady, But I could care less if you think I'm Homophobic, I've noticed most of you people don't believe and the person who died on the cross anyway, And his father who gave you life I get that. Which you should be really counting your blessings while your bashing christ, People like you are a trip to me . You would rather stand for your sinfuls ways but put down who created you, You peolpe are amazing to me. But your telling me to go commit wha

    • Sorry about that as I commented I realized you was talking to someone else.. Well you're telling me to go read a bible referring to women liking women is wrong. So yeah I have every right to say what I said. I would burn a bible if I had the chance. Even If Jesus existed who cares? He's just an normal human being like you and me. You seen how many males he hanged around with? LOL no way he wasn't bi or gay. I bet he got bummed ;)

  • Who cares you like girls, Read the bible

    • I'd rather slit my wrist and be left to die darling.

    • The only people who preach about reading the bible are those who don't know anything about its history. The bible is a story dear! Get some education! ;)