Is it over, or do I still have a chance?

I like this girl, and I'm pretty sure she does not like me back. But here's the scoop. At school, I've noticed her looking at me from a far once in while and when I'd look back, she'd look away. Even at this party, she'd look at me from a far and when I'd look at her, she'd look away. Now, when I text her, most of the time she answers, but like these recent time I just asked her about how she was feeling (she was sick) and no reply. She would do these kind of things to me once in a while. So, I figured she doesn't want to talk to me, but on the other hand, she's looking at me quite often.

I don't know if it's my feelings that are making me see these things about her, but this is grinding my gears. I'm trying to talk to her more in person, but sometimes she seems like she wants to talk and the next, she seems like I don't exist. So, what the hell is her beef haha? Does she like me, or does she know I like her and she's just uncomfortable with it all. And regardless of that last question, do I still have a shot at her? If she doesn't like me, can I change that and vice versa? I'm thinking to just stop trying to text her overall and try to improve the in-person convos, but I'm not sure here, some advice?


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  • Well I think personally it would be a good idea to try and talk more in person because then you could probably tell more but from what I can tell she isn't really interested because if she was she wouldn't ignore you, she would be hanging on every word.


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