How do I act with this guy?

if I could basically describe my personalty it would be very social and friendly. I'm nice to EVERYONE. There came point where this guy started to like me and he's a bit creepy from what he did to a friend of mine and to every girl he talks to but I look besides that and he's a very polite and nice guy. so he kind of asked me out, I think? he didn't make it clear and I was trying to find excuses to avoid any awkwardness but instead he found a loop hole for everything I said and the tension and my nervous kept building up and to not hurt his feeling I said sure but with the option he gave to bring my best friend. The supposed date* is on April 19th and I really don't think I'm up for the task, when it comes to relationship use I am the most weirdest person ever cause now I can't look at that person the same. FOR EXAMPLE last year a good friend of mine asked me out instead of me giving a straight up answer I smiled laughed nervelessly and walked away still smiling and my hands shaking


the weird thing is I can talk to any random guy since I prefer them better since they don't bring drama but what I don't look for is the "lets go to the next level" phase. I'm just the type of girl to hang with, I won't lie though I am the flirty friendly to anyone UM HELLO even girls but like it doesn't mean I want you unless I'm doing it CONSTANTLY.

im just a awkward person who needs help with awkward situation.

my best friend tells me I'm getting to paranoid with the whole date thing (the date* supposedly is with a group of people not just us 3 just saying) and that he recently broke up with his girlfriend like 3 weeks before he started to talk to me (again I already knew way back but we Haven't talked much in school lately till that every day) and that he gets jealous he sees he ex talking to other guys, I don't that's what my friend said soo...but all I want to know is if I'm the only one seeing it or if I'm really going crazy.



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  • You just need to relax when with this guy.


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