Ladies, wich guy would you go for and why?

A good looking modest guy, but he is a little shy and insecure at times.

He is very talented though.

Great musician,has good sense of humor,great cook,romantic, writer, singer,philosopher,...pick one or more :)

He can be very charming once you get to know him.

With this guy you will need to make the first move and put in more effort to get him out of his shell.


A decent looking guy with lots of confidence and charm (not arrogance).

He is not particularly talented. (just average)

He is less modest and isn't very passionate about anything.

He is pretty good at flirting and is able to make you feel very appreciated.

He will make the first move and you won't have any problems to keep the conversation flowing.

- Both guys are in to you

- Both guys are dressed and groomed well

So if you could choose, which guy would you go for.

Please also elaborate on your answer.



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  • I get it, you are Mr. A and your competition is Mr. B.

    I have yet to meet a confident and charming guy who is also not talented nor passionate about anything. So all I see here is a set up question to fill some pre-conceived ideas. I understand that you are trying to rationalize emotional decisions here (I tend to do that myself). But that's just not how the world works.

    And I think you should really stop comparing yourself to others that much.

    • and also to add to this guys argument the question asker makes it seem as if he is so much better and as if its a no brainer for girls to pick the first guy but in reality they never will

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    • I was a little annoyed to read your reply, but maybe that's because you shone light on something I'd rather not see.

      In my defense I didn't say he wasn't talented or passionate.Just not as much as the other guy.

      But I agree with what you said about trying to rationalize emotional decisions.

      I guess there is no point.

      So because you have the answer that made me think the most I'll make it the best one.

    • Thank you. Yes my answer was a bit provoking. But I tried not to be mean. I saw myself in your words and hoped you could relate to that. The BA surprised me a bit. But I guess that just means that you value input (even if it hurts) over being told what you like to hear. I think that is a quality in people that trumps looks, charm or any talent.

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  • If you don't mind ill answer your question slightly more generally than just basing my judgement on your two descriptions.

    Most guys I know are type 2, and prob id tend to talk more with him since he'd be intiating things and he's probably funny and knows how to make you feel comfortable. Yet, being able to flirt doesn't make you someone dateable, so as soon as ill be aware of him not being someone incredibly compatible with me ill make him know that I'm only up for a friendship.

    About the 1st one, lets just say that he's shy and that we are interested in the same thing, and that he has set real goals in his life, id probably be more into him, but I've never made the first mone on a guy. So chances are that I take his shyness for not being into me at all. Eventually if its obvious that he likes me I might try to get closer to him. Because he'd be somewhat different.

    Sorry if that didn't answer your question but I'm probably not the girl that has to make that choice so being a musician or otherionned might matter to her but aren't what I absolutely look for in a guy.

  • i would choose the second of the two you mentioned as I consider myself to be a confident person and like to be around other confident people. sometimes I get annoyed around shy people because they can't express themselves to be as daring as I am myself. I also like to be able to look up to my partner and be able to ask them openly for advice

  • The shy guy. I think its so cute for guys to be shy, and passion and creativity is good it isn't something that you will lose. I wouldn't want to date someone who doesn't have passion for anything it's just makes me sad to see people who just don't have that kind of drive in them.

  • First guy. If I get into a relationship with someone, I ask myself if I could live with the for the rest of my life if the relationship went that well and it came to marriage.

  • I like the first guy :)

    Idk he seems like we could be very compatible as long as he able to open up completely with me and be very comfortable around me.

  • Anyof them funny? I need the guy to be FUN! Lol


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