I might kiss him to get him back... Bad option?

This guy has liked me for many years... I didn't know it. I rejected him over and over again thinking that he just wanted fwb. He was not clear at all. I finally figured out he liked me (by the help of some friends) and I think I might try to kiss him... my friends are convinced that I have to do the grand gesture and prove to him that I like him because right now he probably wouldn't believe me if I said (based on the fact I've rejected him x amount of times). I think he's starting to get over me though... so I'm pretty nervous, but I think he might be win-backable. It's been like 6 years that this has been going on... I just figured out he liked me 2 years ago. Is that a horrible idea?

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  • It's worth a try. It would probably be one of your only options to convey interest if you've already rejected him several times.

    • hm yeah, that's what my friend said. I think he could move on... but I don't think that he and I can handle being friends. We've kissed, cuddled, stayed up all night talking about life, given each other massages, had a crazy wrestling match on the floor... I just feel like we would lead down that same road, don't you? Once you have those sexual feelings it's hard to be close to that person, I think. He seems to want to be really good friends with me again.

  • Nah, try it, maybe it will work. At worse, you'll get a taste of your own medicine.

    • Yeah... this is true... he and I definitely have that never ending curiosity. I mean, I think he likes to convince himself he's not interested, but... he still thinks I'm attractive I know that and I know he used to like me... even told me I used to "keep him up all night" if you know what I mean. I don't know how those feelings fade when you're so close with a friend.

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