Have you ever met someone from online? How was it?

Yesterday I met some good friends of mine from xbox live, They live in England and they decided they were gonna go to Ireland for the weekend, I said we should meet up and we all did. It was absolutely brilliant, giving that we knew each other online for about 5 years, there were like 4 of them and 3 of us Irish, probably the best weekend ever, so would you meet someone from online?


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  • Yeah, I met a woman named Naomi whom I met on this site. Her pics showed her to be very attractive, and she also seemed to be highly intelligent. We messaged each other frequently, and eventually decided to meet since we lived within easy traveling distance. She turned out to be a fat, bald guy named Steve! So, remember, you never know who you're talking to. By the way, Steve and I are very happy.


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  • I actually met my ex (completely unintentionally) online. He is from NYC and I was moving there for university a couple months after we met online. Obviously, it turned out okay, because we dated for a few months...


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  • I have a hobby of taking pictures, and videos of trains, and posting them on YouTube. I talked online with a few other YouTube users who have the same interest as me, and we arranged a meeting. We met, hung out, talked, took some videos, and became friends on Facebook. We usually see each other when I go to NYC since that's where they live.

  • Yes I have and it was quite nice actually.