Guys what do you want us to know?

what do you guys wish girls knew about you guys?

tell me 'cause us girls would like to know:)


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  • I would say that I wish women knew we were SO simple to get along with. All we want is to be drama-free. We're not like girls, where there always has to be some kind of crisis or conflict going on. We don't generally care about what other people are doing. All we want is to be left alone to do what we want when we have free time. Don't drag us into your drama, and don't create drama with us. On those rare bad days, where a real tough break or god forbid tragedy occurs, we'll be there for you 100% of the way. Basically other than that, if it's not about good times, don't disturb our world with it. Not getting along with a co-worker is not a tragedy. That girl that lives down the hall, that you "don't like how she looks at" you does not constitute an emergency that needs to be discussed for two hours. That's what your girlfriends and gay guys are there for. Master that, and you're golden. Boom. 80% of the way there to being the perfect female companion.


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  • Cars, if you know cars that's a Huuuuuge turn on immediately ( and I'm not talking about BMW and Mercedes, I'm talking about REAL CARS) that will be a very huge step for girls into relationship or being friends with guys to that matter. The rest is irrelevant or not so important

    • what do you mean cars? you mean like honda ?

    • No when I say cars I mean mechanical stuff just a surface knowledge would be more than enough. Like you said, Honda Civic Si model for example. ( V4 2.0 DOHC-Double Over Head Camshaft) these kind of things, you don't have to go into the heart of the engine. You'll be surprised how quickly guys would start finding you interesting even if your looks are not what others girls are ( just saying) how easy it would be for you

    • oh k thx now I get it :)


  • There is so much, but if I had to narrow it down it would be that we are ready to have fun at anytime, and are against drama most of the time. The whole mood swings with women and bitchy attitudes really can dull out talks and having fun.

    • I know what you mean I have this one friend who can just talk about random sh*t 4 hours ( I just tine out and nod my he'd at every gap and talk about the last word she said)

  • cocaine is a hellavu drug


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