Someone started a rumor about me and ruined things with the guy I'm dating

this random guy who I've never even spoken to started a rumor about me and told this guy who I've been seeing that I'm a slut and I slept with all of his friends, when I've only slept with one person and that was my ex. the guy I've been seeing is really hesitant about hanging out with me and stuff and its so stupid because none of what that guy was saying is even true. how do I fix things?


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  • Just tell your friend to check it out with your other friends. Tell him to ask around to see if it true. I expect the man who is telling lies about you is secretly trying to break you up so that he has a chance with you.

    Overall, the best way to cope with these lies is to ignore them. The more you fret, the more satisfaction you give the liar.

  • If he is just a random guy, I doubt the guy you're seeing is going to take him seriously. They don't know each other that well? There has to be more to it than that. You can say there's not, but I don't believe it.

    • like I've said hi to this guy maybe once when we were at a party together but I've never talked to him or anything. and they don't know each other well at all, my guy doesn't even know his name.. there really isn't anymore to it than that lol

    • Why would he just believe a random guy without any kind of evidence? Where's the logic in that?

    • :/ I don't know..

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