Girls, if you continually text a guy personal stuff, what does it mean?

What does it mean if you EXCLUSIVELY are texting the same guy on almost a daily basis or at least every other day? Usually about stuff like what you did that day, what's going on at your work, drama between you and your friends, etc.? You know more personal stuff, not stuff like "what time does the party start tonight". This guy is also not someone you just met, assume he is one of your friends.

Does that mean you like the guy? Or is it something else?

The reason I know she is texting me exclusively is because if I mention something we talked about, our other friends don't know anything about it. Like I mentioned that she had texted me about meeting a few players from our cities hockey team, and my other friends said they never heard about that.


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  • Either we're best friends or I really like the guy.

    • Well I wouldn't go as far as saying we are like BFF's, but she is one of my closer friends. She just started doing this a month or 2 ago so that's what I want to know. Which one is it? Does she like me or am I just like the little gay friend that a girl keeps in her back pocket?

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  • Oh gosh my one so called "friend"used to do this, it lasted almost a year, She claimed she saw him as a brother, But she really she liked him. She either sees you as another girlfriend she can vent to or your her new BF

    • That's what I'm trying to figure out. Does she see me as just a close friend, or does she like me. I've only started getting close with her about 6 months ago and the texting thing started only a few months ago. She is in my main group of friends. I flirt with her a bit, but things have never gone too far. I keep it subtle. Usually I can read a girl but she is a bit shy while at the same time can be naturally flirtatious and friendly with people so I really can't tell where I sit with her.

    • She also always says "you're amazing!", like one day she was having a fight with a friend, and I was helping her out since she was a bit upset and was texting me about it. She told me that I "truly was amazing".

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  • What makes you think she's exclusively texting you? I'm just curious why you put so much emphasis on that when it really doesn't matter all that much.

    • Because if I bring up some of the things that she says to me, or the convos we have, our other close friends no nothing about it, so I know I'm the only one who got the text.

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    • Okay...that clears up my confusion. I've had a few of those, it's really tough to tell the difference, but if you don't do anything, you'll definitely become her best friend and nothing more. Do something, and if she plays the friend card, just explain that you misread the situation. Waiting is not a good strategy.

    • Agreed. The hard part is getting her alone to have said discussion since we're almost always hanging out in our group of friends.