Asking a girl for advice on a girlfriend of hers? good or bad idea

so I've known this girl for a few years and meet her back when I was in college . I'm not great friends with her but still do see her now and then . ran into her last Saturday night and talked to her , things went good but she has a boyfriend so I'm not looking to date her .

my issue is she's also friends with another girl I like , they used to play on college volleyball team and were good friends . I like this girl and she works at this bar downtown and I've seen her there a few times and very interested but not sure if she is or how to go about things with her . which is why I'm wondering if her friend I meet back in college might be able to offer me up some ideas or at least tell me if she is even single and looking to date

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  • Bad idea- If you already know where to find her, you should just approach her and ask her out. If you ask her friends for advice, she will tell her friends (even if you ask her not to tell) and once you try to approach the girl will act a little weird because she will know what your about it. Its better if you do things unexpected.


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  • If you're a player:

    Good idea

    If you're looking for a long-term relationship:

    Bad idea


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