Me and this girl have a weird thing going on...

So it started last year, where me and this girl would text everyday from March to June.. Like and I mean from the moment we woke up until we fell asleep. Then we it was summer I started to get into things with this other girl, (big mistake). After I broke up with my ex, Me and this girl started talking again kinda, like we would talk about chillin and hooking up all the time. And it was the kind of talking that nobody knows about except us. So recntly I asked her to chill and we finally did. We ended up making out and doing some other stuff..but we really Haven't texted too much since. So I guess my question is what do I do, because I do kinda like her but don't want anything too serious, but she is fun to hang out with. I don't know if I should talk to her about it or kinda ignore it.


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  • If you don't want to be in a relationship, but you still want to spend time with her you need to point blank tell her this. If she says its all good, you're ok... But, if she says no go, walk away and leave her alone.


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