I want two different people, what should I do?

I want two different people and if I got with one I'll lose the other as a friend.. I need advise on what to do :(


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  • be happy you have options. look you'll lose a friend but people lose a friend all the time...weigh which one's better according to your standards

    also, be sure they like you back...if you choose one over the other and he doesn't feel the same. that sucks

    you can always make new friends

    • They're both to my standards and they've both been there for me the last couple of months. The one I like the most is extremely angry with me because they found out me and this other person was going to date.. I don't like losing friends especially good ones :(

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    • One's not a guy though.. One's a girl and one's a guy.. And I know how extremely bitchy girls can be considering I'm a girl myself :/

    • wow. that's hot

      but again tho...can't take responsiblity for ppl's feelings or reactions. choose or separate. other than that, I have NO idea what answer you're looking for so I can't really help

  • Don't choose the better guy, choose the guy that makes you better.


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