I don't feel I'm reaching my new girlfriend, I must be missing something.

i feel like this belongs in this category... so ill begin when we first met.

-In class, I noticed her right away, as did every other guy... guy:girl ratio 40:1

-She told me right away she thought I was cute and she liked me

-But I was seeing another girl who I should have just told her about and dumped back then, so I took it lightly. BIG MISTAKE

-I can be shy sometimes and it takes a lot out of me for girls to know I'm not at least a little nervous about dating. (i'm a little insecure about my skin; just a bit of acne)

-We always teased each other in class because she eventually started seeing a kid from a different class, and she grew to think I hated her, because I had grown to take her initial compliment lightly.

-We were soon both single (just happened, none of my influence) -And I wanted to see if she really hated me (got deleted off Facebook back when we had first met)

-Turns out I was wrong, and she never lost that feeling

-And I realized I found there's been a perfect girl in front of me all the time. It makes me wanna cry I have hurt her before. I never want to do it again

-She wants to move really fast, but not too fast for me, just like she was going "gaga" after she told me she thought I considered her gross, and I hated her; only to have me then tell her how I really felt

-We now hang out and cuddle, kiss, and tell each other how cute one another is and how much we like being around each other.

-I want to get her something that is special, or do something that just permanently sets in her mind that I'm all hers.

-What am I missing? or suggest something very cute. thanks


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  • It sounds like you're headed in the right direction and things are going great! Enjoy the time with her now and don't worry about the past, because you're having fun together! I like the idea of gift certificates for her that you make. You can give her maybe 5 with different things and see what one she cashes in first. Here are some ideas that are cheap too!

    1. Free Backrub

    2. Picnic in the Park

    3. 3 Kisses

    4. Candlelit dinner for 2

    5. Help with one thing of her choice

    You can buy her a present if you want, but do you know what kind of things she likes?

    Here's a link to awesome dating info for free too!


    I hope this helps!


    • she likes photography, cars, cats, and going to the park.

      she knows I'm going to be cheesy, ill try some different things

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