Kissing friends whilst drunk?

What are your thoughts on this?

If I kind of like my friend, and I think he kind of likes me, can I kiss him whilst drunk at a party and will he go for it?

Guys, girls, what would you do if one of your friends kissed you whilst you were both drunk-- would you go for it or would you knock them away?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you were under the influence I think it would be quite normal. But being drunk shouldn't be an excuse to kiss him. He too will also search for excuses to hook up with you while under the influence and more often than likely he'll be thinking of just sex. Bad things can happen while your under the influence and my advice is to never do anything brash in these situations. If you really like him you need to work the courage to go for him. You say that you sense he likes you too, this is almost always right. Girls pick up on subtleties that guys don't. Trust your gut feeling and ask him out.

    Again this is only my MO. You make the decisions.

    Hope this helps



What Girls Said 1

  • If it's just an innocent kiss and it doesn't go any further and isn't abused then yeah I don't see any problems. However why don't you just like the guy when your not drunk?

    When my friend kissed me when I was drunk I didn't mind cos yeah I did like him more than a friend and if it goes futher then a drunken kiss may be the start off it.

    But if not ... who cares you were under the influence!

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