Will he actually call me in a few weeks?

Basically met this guy and we talked/texted for a month. He seemed really interested in me but he told me that he was going through a lot of stuff in his life with family and friends so he kinda broke things off with me and said he would maybe call me in a few weeks...It's already been like 5 weeks (dont know why I still like him so much)...

do you think he will or has he already forgotten me?


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  • Its hard to say if he forgot about you but honestly I would never like a girl and tell her that I was going through some stuff and the say I "might" give you a call in a few weeks

    To me any guy that would say that is a guy that is really not interested in that girl

    If he hasn't contacted you don't contact him and don't wait around for him


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  • Well he did say maybe.


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  • hmmm that's a tough one. sometimes people have to take care of personal/family stuff before they're ready to move on. or before they can. I've personally had to put my future plans on hold for like three months because my sister was dying and I had to go help her (like I literally saved her life). it was really horrible and traumatized me really bad. anyways there's this guy I met and we were making all kinds of plans and then I disappeared for like a month because of my sister. I felt really bad about it and I was very reluctant to get in touch with him again because I figured he was pissed with me. but when I contacted him again he understood. so basically what I'm trying to say is don't take it personally. he was honest enough to tell you what he has to deal with. and if and when he is ready he'll contact you again. just be understanding that sometimes family sh*t really sucks and can take a lot of out of anyone ok? take care

    • im sorry to hear about your sister hopefully she's alright now.

      I really appreciate your answer too. I'm glad that the guy was honest enough to tell me, he thanked me for understanding and told me that I seemed like an amazing girl. so I'm holding onto that. I hate the fact that I'm still waiting around...but I can't seem to give up on him.

      thanks again for what you said, it has made me feel a bit better :)

    • thanks for your comment back and yeah my sister is not doing very well and I'm sorry to have to say that. its been really tough and thank god my guy has been so understanding and patient with me. but yeah if you want to shoot that guy you like a message just to say hi that might help him a lot. maybe he doesn't know what to say or talk about and that's why he hasn't got in touch with you again. I didn't want to contact my guy for the same reason. don't be shy. if you like him you like him :o)