I need your help, can I hang out with him even if he has a girlfriend?

I kinda would probably like this guy but to me I'm not sure if he's 100 percent faithful and into his girlfriend? Is it wrong if we become friends. Honestly I may be bringing up delusions but I'm wondering what if he could like me lol XD and what if we could become friends?

I know this is bad but it seems like even though he's had a girlfriend he hangs out with other girls and stuff so maybe he isn't truly committed to her?

Should I be his friend? He seems like a nice interesting guy to... I don't know I wanna be wise and in the future I don't wanna be cheated on ... but I don't wanna pass up on something that could happen


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  • Why do you desire an unfaithful man?

    Don't even bother with it, karma my friend.

    • I don't know he seems like a nice guy I guess I just want a relationship which is bad dunno

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  • being friends with a guy with a girlfriend is fine, providing you don't have the intention of hooking up with him. the drama it will bring for you, him and his girlfriend is not worth it.

    • Alright, thanks. I don't know what's with me. :( True. I guess I should make my intentions being just friends but I'd probably flirt with him.. if he started liking me =(

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  • If you intend to flirt,then don't go there,how would you like it if he was your boyfriend and he went of flirting with other girls.Why would you do that for?I hate girls like that,go after someone available.If he isn't committed to his girl or isn't into her,that is your opinion,you can't judge what really goes on.Him having a girlfriend and you thinking he isn't that into her,doesn't mean it's okay to go take a hit.If you wanna be friends then sure,if you want something else,don't go there.It's not fair.