Should I kiss my best friend if I'm in love with him?

So I have very good friend, I know him one year and he's very similar to me, like the same movies, has similar character.. I am in love with him but he doesn't know about it ( I'm not going to tell him, because I know I'm only friend for him) .

He asked me if he can try kissing with me ( he never kissed a girl and he wants to learn/try it with me from time to time because he trusts me and I'm his good friend ), You know I dream every night about kissing him, I can't imagine something more wonderful can happen to me. But I'm also in love with him and I don't know how it will affect me, I mean I will love him more, suffer more.. ?

Tell me what should I do?


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  • Yo, this sh*t is like, Disney quality sh*t right here. Totally go for it, lose yourself in the whole thing girl.


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  • If you just come out and kiss him, it might surprise him and not necessarily in a good way. Wouldn't it better if you both kissed together and enjoyed it? Don't let him use you for practice, friend or not that would be unfair on you if you feel that strongly about him. Has he made it blatantly clear he does/doesn't like you?

  • You must remember this: a kiss is just a kiss

    Go for it. Eventually he may feel you're not interested enough otherwise.


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