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So, here's the thing. I've been dating this guy for 15 months and we figured out that we're like crushes, we're not in a relatinship (not the real one). He never even hugged me or anything. Before he was saying he's shy, now he says he's not ready for a kiss yet. I thought he doesn't care about me at all, and when I wanted to break this up, he came crawling on his knees and pouring his heart out. Now when it was my birthday we went for a dinner in a restaurant and he bought me a parfume. After the dinner, when we went for a walk, he held my hand. And yes, he has this change of mood, so I don't really trust him, he's not confident. I really don't know what to expect or how to behave anymore. But I don't want to break this up because in some moments, it seems like it's going the good way.


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  • What should you expect? Well, if you didn't know already, the guy seems kind of awkward, and obviously has some issues with physical closeness and stuff. If physical closeness is important to you, then yeah, its probably not going to happen. As for whether he cares for you, yeah, he probably does. As for how you act, it depends. You can continue on like nothing happened, or I suggest taking more control of the relationship, you organize dates, you initiate hugs and stuff, then it will be a lot easier for the guy and stuff might change.

    Dunno if this helped lol.


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