Should I contact again, or let her put in the effort now?


About 2 weeks ago on Wednesday, I met a girl at the local pub. I was having a pint with a friend, she was out with her co-workers. After last call, she and one of her friends spent about 2 hours chatting with me and my friend in the parking lot. Good conversation, nothing happened.

Then on Saturday, she was at the pub again, same friend setup. My friend opted to go home, and I went to another bar with her and her friends. At this place, she was holding my hand on the table, etc. and after closing, we sat in my car for another 2 hours or so chatting. I asked if I'd see her around, she said she'd be at a certain pub on the following Wednesday. I asked if that was a formal invitation (jokingly!) and she said maybe. We hugged, and she headed home.

Wednesday, I met her and her friends, we had a few drinks, then bar hopped a bit. She was leaning/draped on me most of the night. We had a quick chat in my car like usual, this time I was holding her hand, etc., and she said couldn't stay out late since she had class the next morning. I asked for her number, she gave it to me, then went home.

I texted her on Saturday around 6PM asking if she'd like to come see a band with me. I didn't hear back from her (she usually works weekend nights til 11) until about 12:30 when she said she didn't get the text til then, and that she was almost home. I responded "No worries, maybe some other time. Let me know when you're free." She said "Will do!"

I haven't heard from her since. Am I getting mixed signals? I think so, and that she's not really interested, though I'm known to be a bit of a pessimist. However, she works 2 different jobs (waitressing and accounting) and goes to class as well, so she may just be busy.

Should I contact her again, or just let her make the next move?


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  • If once she doesn't answer back within one hour, no reason to give up!

    Just text her again, if you want to go to a concert or something, text her with enough time before, like text her on Wednesday if you wanna go on Saturday, something like that.

    Just get to know her better, when you know her (a bit) you'll know if she's for real or not.

    Just be careful and take your time, text her once in a while. If she never answers or is "mleh" I would wait for the other one to make the move.

    Text her again ;)

  • It seems to me like she is interested, you should ask her out again since she seems so busy, it doesn't sound like you are being to pushy or anything like that, I say ask her out again, if she continues not to answer, then you may want to forget about her.


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