Friend was talking to my best friend trying to get him to go to prom with me...

So my Cole is my best friend, I've known him since I was six and we grew up together, he's in college, definitely mr. popular party type. Anyways my friend Emily was texting him last night asking him if he would go to prom with me. Apparently drunk and this is basically how their convo went:

(E)-would you go to prom with Madi (me)

(C)- when is it

(E)-April 28th

(C)-I would seriously love to go with Madi

(E)- wait for real?

(C)-Well I was supposed to go riding but I would if she really needs a date, Id feel awkward but idk

(E)-its not going to be awkward you guys are super close right?

(C)- wait she doesn't have a date at all?!?!?

(E)- no

(C)- OK can I think about it, I have a limited amount of money but if she needs someone to go with id definitely go. Can I have time to think about this when I'm not hammered?

What do you think? is this sincere? Does he actually want to go or is he only going to go as a favor to me?


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  • Is this sincere? Yes I believe it is.


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