So confused between 2 guys!? help

I work with both of them.

First guy: I liked him since I started, I thought he was cute and funny, he's been showing more and more signs of interest and we have been talking for a couple weeks and agreed to go out sometime. He works 2 jobs, and I like everything that I know about him. Everything he has to offer I want and can see my self with ( not that its going to happen ) he's single, has his own house, no kids and likes to have a good time. I'm in the same situation as him, that's why I like it.

Guy 2: He really likes me a lot and we have an awesome time together, a big connection, thing is I'm a little nervous about making things official with him since I do like the other guy and am curious to see what he's about, and this guy also has a 4 year old daughter who he takes great care of and he has been divorced. I know I shouldn't care but its very new to me and I like him but I'm not sure I see a future...but we are so good together too. any advice will help, thanks!


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  • Listen to your heart and see what goes. I liked two guys once too, One was awesome and so is the other guy. I listen to my heart and figured to go with the one I feel more comfortable with.