Guys, why is it scary for you to hang out with some girls and not so scary for others?

This guy I know has no problem loOking this one girl in the eye and no problem meeting her friends. He even hangs out with her. He is super shy with me and barely looks me in the eye. He is super shy to meet my friends too. Last time I mentioned that he should stop by my work to say hi when he is in the area, he mumbled that it's "too scary."

When he talks to me though, he's a big flirt and tease. The other girl flirts with him too and turns everything they joke about into sex.

I don't get it, why do I make him nervous yet he'll go hang out with her and flirt etc?


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  • It's a chemistry thing. He doesn't know what to expect from you, so that makes him more anxious.

    He probably either thinks that you might like him, or he might like you. Anything that causes uncertainty will make him act the way he is around you.

    He's more relaxed around the other girl because either he's known her longer, or he's not so concerned what she thinks of him. Or maybe they have some kind of mutual understanding that makes things less awkward.

    Many possible reasons, but just because he seems to click less with you, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's normal for there to be some tension. As pointed out, one reason for that tension could be if he really likes you. If he didn't care, there would be no tension.

    • Thank you, your answer rings true in a lot of ways. it's just that he's always catering to her and it kills me. If I ignore him though and just sit there as they flirt, he finally turns to me and talks. Sigh, I don't know what to do.

  • A lot of guys are intimidated by really attractive women!

    • Omg I don't think I am by any means! Why is it fine for him to hang out with her then?!

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    • I would like to send you a pic of her. And thank you, you are very kind.

    • Send away :)

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