How long is too long between texts?

I've been semi-talking to my old 7th grade boyfriend, and he initiated it, he asks me about my life when he does text me, and it's usually not more than 2 or 4 days between when he contacts me. He asked me if I would have coffee with him and talk to him about books I like and my writing (i'm a writing major) but he prefaced it by telling me his schedule was tight for the next few weeks, but told me to stay in touch. He's texted me a few times since, never more than 4 days apart.. until now. It's been six days. Is this part of the tight schedule he told me about a couple weeks ago? should I not count on the coffee date?


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  • Wait.. You're saying that he doesn't reply back to your texts(i.e. you were the last person to text), until 4 days later.. Or he doesn't start initiating new conversations until every 4 days(he was the last person to text?)?

    • initiating. its been 6 days since last initiated

    • since he last initiated? So you've never initiated a conversation yourself? Maybe he's waiting for you to initiate for once...

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