Guys AND girls, what would you do in this situation?

This boy likes me and his friend told me he's going to ask me out on a date soon. I don't like him though. I've known him since elementary school but just recently got close to him.

is it wrong to say yes to him, and see where things go from there? Or should I just say no and spare leading him on? What would you do?

Also, he's attractive. I don't know why I don't like him. I guess because I have a teeny "crush": on a diferent guy.


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  • Say no, don't torture his feelings. I mean you already don't like him and you know that already, where he has hopes for you. Don't let his hopes come true by say YES and then crash them with a brutal force( it might leave a deep emotional scar) don't do that, be mature one and do what is right for you and him. I'm saying those things, because I remember when I was in HS, one girl basically did exactly the same thing, she didn't like me but said yes because she wanted to see what will happen knowing it won't work anyways, I went on date with her( hopes and happiness was UP high) but than 2 weeks later she dumped me and it was very hard feeling to cope with for a while.

    • :( oh. well what if I were to tell him flat out that I don't like him, but I'm willing to go on a date and just see what happens from there? How would you feel if a girl gave you that option?

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    • Completely understandable. Thanks

    • Honestly it will ease his feelings, that's a fact, but again, you still giving him hope lol. It is like someone saying to me " Here, drive this BMW, but there is a possibility I'm not going to give it to you, so even knowing, that possibly he won't give me his car, I still would have my hopes high for him to give me his car :)" this example should give you a better understanding what you are getting your self into :) and what he would expect lol GUYS!

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  • Do not drag this on. Do everyone in this situation a favor and tell him the truth. If he's mature, he'll understand and move on. If he's not, he'll get upset and then you dodged a bullet anyway. You don't need to justify yourself to anyone. A simple "let's just be friends" should suffice.

  • Your question is sending mixed messages. Do you like him or just find him attractive. Do you want to go out with him, but your holding back bec you want a diff guy. And did you ever think of it bef you found out he likes u

    • I think he's attractive, meaning he's cute, but I have no feelings for him whatsoever. I've never liked him or thought about him romantically before

    • Than you should deff say no. It's only in it head bec he's going to ask you that's no reason to go for it

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