Smarts are good?

I'm a really smart person, like, last year I finished with a 92 average...Some of my courses, I have a 96 average. And it isn't like a really easy course, (sociology, Anthropology and Psychology) that a good thing or not? dating wise...and um should I tell guys that when it comes up, or just say I get good marks...because I don't want to make them uncomfortable or self-conscious and that... :S what would do you guys think?


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  • Well, don't just spontaneously say, "Ya know, I'm really, really smart." It'll sound like you're bragging. But if the subject comes up, be honest. I love a girl who's confident and not afraid to tell people if she's really good at something. Not only that, but it's really important to me that a girl is smart. I am very smart myself, and I love being able to have intelligent conversations with people, so being smart is a must. Be proud of yourself and don't be afraid to let people know that you are.


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  • Instant alarms go off in my head when people - both girls and guys - talk about their grades. It shows lack of confidence in yourself if you have to tell people how smart you are. Let your actions speak louder than your words, and simply answer with "Good!" if someone asks you about it.

    I'm not speaking out of jealousy - I finished with a 97% average in my last year if high school - and I'm really attracted to smart people. But, once again, don't brag - ultimate turn off. Play it cool!

    PS - Don't you just hate me for getting that average? I mean, did I really have to tell you that?


    • I don't hate you, I'm actually glad there's someone with a better average, makes me seem almost normal. Not that you're abnormal, gosh I'm gonna stop talking now.

      Um but like, I'd be talking to a guy, we were talking about grades, and he said he was really proud of his average (86)....and he asked me about my exams, so I was just vague and said it was good.

      The only issue, it that I don't want to seem dumb either :S

      Maybe I should just forget it and if it makes him uncomfortable, then too bad.

  • YES smarts is good! DO NOT change for anyone...EVER! Read this article that I found the other day...perfect perfect!


  • I'm in the same boat. I am far above average intelligence, and I don't know what the social rules are regarding how to behave about it. My advice? Err on the side of not mentioning it.


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  • Do not downplay how smart you are if it comes up then you tell them the truth. It's nothing to be ashamed of and further more you should be proud of yourself for the getting the grades that you did in the classes you took. If they feel uncomfortable with you being smart then they really aren't worth dating.

    • I wonder if your advice would be any different if the op had been a guy.

    • No it wouldn't be different, if you're smart then you're smart it goes both ways. If a girl doesn't want to date you because she can't see your past your average, then I don't think that she's worth it either.