I need advice.. what would you do?

I have a lot of guy friends that I talk to. I'm not dating anyone or leading them on. I just talk to them as I would to a friend that is a girl. Apperanlty my friends have a count of 20 guys and on occasion they bring it up. It seems that they are calling me a slut. At firt I didn't mind that they pointed it out but they are doing it more often no and in front of other people. It mkes me feel uncomfortable that they say this things because I am not talking talking to they guys. They help me with my problems and vice versa. Should I stop talking to the guy friends? I already brought this up with my friends but they keep doing it. any advice?


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  • You've learned the hard way who your friends really are.I'm sorry this has happened to you as I have gone through exactly the same thing and know how it feels. Girls get jealous and because the guys are friends with you and not them they feel the need to be complete bitches. Some girls like to be the one that controls everything and that includes you and who you speak to especially if its treating their own "popularity". You don't need friends like that and guys are awesome


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