Confused between 2 guys, what to do?

First guy likes me a lot! He has from the start, he takes me out, talks to me all the time, wants to see me. We have a great time together, and we are very close. We have a great connection, and he's really growing me. At first I wasn't into it but he didn't give up. Thing is he is divorced and has a 4 year old daughter, he's a great father and I wouldn't be a mother figure seeing as the daughter lives with the mother. Its just I don't know what to make of the situation so I'm hesitant to be with him, and I don't see a future.

Guy 2 is showing more interest all the time and he's a little busy, but we agreed to go out, we Haven't made a date yet though. We talk and text and its always fun. He is single with no kids and never married...things with him seem really nice and casual and I like that seeing I Haven't dated in a while. Both are 30 with good jobs and their own places and cars, and both are very cute :) what to do!?

I am wondering which one would you choose?


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  • If I were a female, I would go with guy 2. He has less baggage.

    • i know, I just don't want to hurt guy one, I don't want his daughter to be the reason I don't see him when everything else is good. I like guy 2 ...but I'm nervous if I end things with guy one and I don't feel a connection with guy 2 like guy one, ill have missed out? idk...haha

    • Unless you want to keep guy one as an insurance, this is the reality of relationship. You're going to have to gamble.

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