How should I take this or how do I heal from my situation?

this guy I went out for one and a half months seem to be really into m but he always told us to keep it on the down low. when it came to my birthday he never got my anything but for his I did get something cause his birthday was before mine. we went obviously on on a couple of dates but it felt like he only wanted one thing fro me and that's cause after I told him to slow down after, he seem to act distant.

then less than a month of break up he, after he had admitted he led me on and didn't have time for himself, I ran into his new 'girlfriend' or girl he hooks up with and I'm not sure how to deal with this situation. It obviously sucks but I'm trying my best to love myself and take care of myself.



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  • You're going to need time to heal. You can demonize him and think about all of the negative things about him to make yourself feel better, but that's not a healthy way to get healed. It's natural to dislike him for leading you on. Focus on work and/or school or your other social obligatioins. Try sleeping with the radio, ipod, or TV on when you get or feel lonely.


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