If he only liked me as a friend, would it have mattered?

I work with this guy (I'm a cashier, he works in a department) him and I always joke around with each other, he's helped me with my car before, he shares his soda with me. When ever he needs to buy something he almost always comes through my line. He is single, but he is also a few years older than me and I'm not yet 18. I told him that we should give each other our phone numbers, and he said he had thought about that but I'm not 18 yet.

If he liked me just as a friend would I still have gotten the same response? I mean, to me that issue only comes in to play if your actually dating. Right?

I turn 18 next month


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  • sounds like he's using it as an excuse to brush you off morelike...

  • Sounds like he wants to hit it, but he is begin smart and respectful of your age. When do. You turn 18?

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