Considering walking away

hey guys so here's my question so I like this girl don't wanna get into much of just want to know if I should listen to my friend who said I shouldn't walk away and just wait for the girl I'm in love with or should I listen to everyone else who says I don't have a future with that girl.


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  • Well you honestly have to give us a little bit of a story. Find out why your friends are bashing this girl. Is it because they don't think she's pretty? they don't think she's cool? Is it because they think you need to go off with some other hot girl (who maybe may not click with your personality?)? Find out WHY they're saying this to you... If it's for those reasons you need to push their words of advice to the side... and give the girl you TRULY like a chance because if that's who you wanna be with than choose HER. :) You can't listen to your buddies all the time but there are EXCEPTIONS now for the second part..

    IF your friends say "Man, she's no good." It's because they see a character flaw in her. If they see a character flaw in her or have an inkling "Hey this girl is gonna hurt you." Than you should step aside for a moment and try to see what they're pointing out. I know it's bad but if this girl has done anything to hurt you or she's hurt other guys maybe they are trying to prepare and save you from the future.. or any future pain you may experience.

    If you wanna give her chance, and she seems like a good girl.. Go ahead. But... if your friends are doing it to protect you you should listen to them but if they're saying "Don't do it." For selfish reasons or just to say it.. than go out with her.

    I personally think you should give her a chance.. but if she's a whore or anything.. I would be careful. If she kinda acts like a whore and does whorish things or just isn't girlfriend material.. I would move on and find somebody new and listen to your buddies..

    but if they don't like her cause they think she's ugly or something like that.. don't listen to them because she may be the most beautiful thing to you and if she treats you right and is girlfriend material and is what your looking for in a woman give her a chance..

    • it's actually one friend of mine that told me not to walk away because she said I'd be selfish I was going to walk away but my friend told me not too only because she feels me and this girl have something going I only want to walk away because she said me and her can't be anymore that friends and she's broken her rule of dating we went out 3 times already

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  • Listen to people who are looking in from the outside. They typically can see things you can't, since being in love clouds the mind and decision making sometimes. You probably already know deep down in your gut...that you should walk away.

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