Would you ever date a girl that you've hooked up with?

Have you ever hooked up with a girl, and then started developing feelings for her after you've hooked up? Not like sex. Just say she wouldn't go all the way without unless you were together.


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  • if I read your question right

    i would only have sex with a girl if she's commited to be with me for the rest of her life and get married, loves only me, etc

    when if a girl ever gives her time for someone like me than I would feel liked and develop feelings for her

    im just easy


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  • It's basically a lure for you to enter a relationship with her then. I mean I have been put in that situation but I guess I would go for it.

  • if I liked her and the sex was good? oh sure...alot of guys gonna find it hard to pass up an opportunity like that..unless they are not the type to do a ons/hookup in the first place...(:

    • Eh? Was it something that I said? It cannot have been my aftershave..I do not wear that Vile Sh*t...I KNOW! She likes pee, grows her pubes and doesn't wear makeup...that would satisfy...er...my ..critics?...whoever those melon-heads might be...HAHAHAHAHA

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