What's going on here and what gives?

So I started dating this guy like a week ago, he lives like 2 hours away, and before we were dating just talking and stuff he was always super sweet calling me things like babe and hun. If we were texting he always answered like ASAP no matter what he was doing and always kept the conversation going. Now he won't call me anything like that and it takes him like a half hour to respond to my texts, if he even bothers to, when all he's doing is laying around the house. He pretty much just never answers me anymore or doesn't bother to keep talking. He was always just a super sweet guy. What gives?


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  • Did you have sex wih him? It coudl be a lot of reasons as to why he is acting different and funny. Maybe he lost interest. Some guys like to play cat and mouse games with a girl. One thign I do know is that peopel only want to be bothered when they wan't to be bothered. Maybe he is acting different because he doesn't want things to move to fast or to fall in love with you fast.

    • No I didn't but I'm sure he hasn't lost interest because every time I actually get to see him he's as sweet and flirty as ever. But thanks that totally helps!

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    • No he hasn't but I do plan on confronting him about it!

    • Yeah confront him on it and let me know what happens. Good luck. Things will work out.

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