Should I go crazy about it or not?

Ok it's a bit weird, but here is the deal: a few weeks ago I meet a girl accidentally online. We were both commenting on a a same YouTube video we got into a conversation. She turned out to be a very beautiful person in and outside. I really like her. So did she. It was just two weeks from our first emails when she wrote me mails like "i wanna see you so bad" and "i'm so loving your face, your personality". She was even texting me by night saying "good night, kiss, miss you". She said many times how much she likes my personality, my outlook (pictures, webcam). We were talking about really personal things as well, we trusted each other enough. So just after two weeks I decided to visit her. It was a three hour trip we couldn't wait to see each other. We got along fine. We kissed, we were having fun, laughing, sharing stories, there was no awkward silence. We really had a great time. We were holding hands all along and we said goodbye with long-long kiss.

The next day I asked if she had a great time too. She said yes, but "that" feeling didn't come so she just can't imagine us in a relationship but she wants to be friends (we stayed in contact, we are about to visit an amusement park in the summer and also go to the beach together).

So I was shocked because there was absolutely no sign of this...

What the hell could go wrong? What could have changed her mind? I mean... it's like expecting "that" feeling to come immediately...?

Thanks for your help!


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  • I wouldn't go crazy about it, sounds like she's just looking for something else in person. I would say she's a bit unrealistic but that's not my call. I would move on.

  • Like even though she finds you attractive and likes your personality, a relationship type chemistry didn't happen when you met in person. So she felt that way online, but in reality things are different when you meet in person.


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