So I decided to do what I was told and turned off the phone..

I been talking to this girl for a few weeks I have really only hung out or went out with her once but she text me or called me everyday. she has told me that she really likes me and I do too though she won't take the next step to make our relationship "official".Then recently I noticed some disinterest when she would text me and she hasn't called me in a few days. So I decided too shut off the phone for the day and just leave it due to the fact I tend to be always there to respond I turned it back on like 7-8 hours later and she had text me like several times.. Though I have never done this I have been told to help the interest level. So when I did respond I told her to call me later... so my question is this the answer to help my relationship? By me not being there 24/7? if so what else will help?

also when I didn't text her back for that time she seemed upset?


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  • You may have... you may not have... Im.actually getting ready to do the same thing myself. I think.if she showed concern, however, that's probably a good sign as far as her interests go...


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