Hey is it I suck at the dating game?

I a nice and sweet guy so I'm told. I always treat my woman right give all I can give and treat them like a queen and I'm still left out to dry. can anyone help me out here what is a good why to get better at this. what do you girls want?


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  • What girls like is a challenge, you are stating you are giving them the moon? That might flatter girls at first but it wears pretty thin after awhile. To keep a women interested you first need to start getting into things you like doing... any kind of hobby. Seriously stop giving them so much attention. Are they giving you that much attention? I would think not, because they are out doing things with there friends and having a good time without you. So do yourself a favor and get out there and enjoy life. Once you become a bit of a challenge, they will want to see you more and appreciate the time you spend with them! Infact it builds attraction.

    1. Be a challenge

    2. Be confident

    3. Have self control


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  • there is no perfect formula to getting women. the problem with the guys who say they're nice and sweet is that many of you seem to think that all you have to do is do everything she wants and you will get laid. its not always like that. try being yourself instead of trying to nice your way into her pants.

    • well that's the thing I am being myself. and not trying to et in there paints. when I want that my usally a d***. and it was some times.

  • We like to be treated like queens that is true but when your to sweet .. I hate to say it but its true, we tend to take advantage of you guys we don't do it on purpose but it just happens so you just have to be nice and sweet but no to much but don't be rude just in the middle make her miss you! make her get happy every time she see's you.. don't tell her where your at all the time we like to wonder.. but don't LIE! we absolutley hate liars, take control don't let it go our way all the time! grow some balls we like men not boys

    • ok thanks I try them things. it really getting them frist I need the most help on

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