Try to get with her, or hold off and wait?

When she first started working there she didn't seem interested in me, but now it's like she always coming on to me. Every chance she gets she's up near me talking to me and trying to get me to flirt back and, well, she's cute so I do. I've had one girlfriend, but aside from her I've never had a girl flirt with me so much. The problem is, I don't know if I like her or not. I'm not the type to just "have fun" with a girl and I want a serious relationship with someone I love. This girl seems like the type of girl that I'd just have fun with but never want to take it any further.

I've been really hurt since I broke up with the aforementioned ex, and as such, its been awhile since I've had any, ermmm, "physical contact". I've been tempted to ask this girl out because I have a pretty good idea of where it will lead, but because I don't see myself going anywhere serious with her, I'd feel terrible doing it knowing I'm just using her for the time being, but then on the other hand I hear and see almost everyone else have casual flings with people so I say to myself "why not me?" Any advice? Thanks.


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  • if you don't see a relationship with her then dont..Last time I went out with a guy that I didn't really like , just to give him a chance and go out of my comfort zone..It spit right back in my face..I should of followed my gut..your gut is always right..

  • As you said you would feel terrible if you go further with her, so why you should go and hang out with her? You need to totally let your last relationship go so that you can have a happy, committed relationship with the next right girl. I am going through all these this moment as well. Hope you will let it go eventually and find the another one and be happy!

    Hope this helps


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