Waiting for him to contact me..

I met him 3 weeks ago at a party.. We've been chatting/texting everyday, and been on 2 dates. Now I haven't contacted him in 3 days just to see if he contacted me, but he hasn't. I really want to send him a text, but I feel like I annoy him by doing so! Therefor I stopped talking to him. I keep telling myself that if he wanted to speak to me, he would.

What's your opinion on this? Should I keep waiting or send him a text?

I was the one who asked him to go on those 2 dates, so he agreed to "plan" the next one. The problem is; I don't have enough confident to trust that he will.. does this make any sense?

Please help!

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sorry, my English grammar isn't very good.. hope you guys understand what I wanted to say/ask!


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  • I personally think you should wait for him to contact you, since you've been doing all the work so far, why doesn't he do some of the work now?

    If it turns out that he doesn't do anything, after a week, then tell him things are not working out, and move on.

    In my opinion that's the best thing to do.

    • Thanks :) He has been texting me at school (we go to different schools). Good morning-messages and stuff.. so I'm not the only one doing all the work! He kissed me at the party where I met him (No, none off us were drinking!)

      Date nr. 1: Movie - the hunger games premier

      Date nr. 2: He took the buss to my house (half hour-45 minutes bussdrive from each other) We watched a movie..

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    • I promise, and thank you for best answer.

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  • If he wanted to call you, he would. If he doesn't call you in 3-4 days, he's not worth your time and he's not that "into" you. Problem here is that you're chasing him, and guys like to do the chasing. By chasing him, you come across as desperate or clingy. I know that modern culture wants women to think that it's A-OK for them to chase boys, but if you take the chase away from the guy, he's going to lose interest...very, very fast. So, I would wait another 2 days. If he doesn't call or text you WITH A DATE SET, forget about him and move on because his interest level in you is too low, and probably unrecoverable.

  • Based on your 'story' of the events I would say that he is not 'truly' interested, so you should not waste your time.


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