Shouldn't he text me?

Me and my boyfriend get along really well and we love being with each other and miss each other a lot when we can't hang out but when we aren't together I'm always the one to text him first and I always get short answer replies. should this mean something or shouldn't he ever text me first? or should I let it go and stuff? I've tried waiting for him to text me first but he never did when I waited.


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  • it seems like he is not into you... just don't text him then and it doesn't matter how long you wait.. a week or month.. and when he doesn't text you..make it short like his... stand up for your self


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  • Guys hate texting. Sorry. It's those weenie little keyboards that you need little women fingers to work properly.

    • ok but even then shouldn't he say bye when he leaves our conversation

  • Either he's not into texting at all (which you should be able to tell from whether he does it with other friends/family) or there's something up imo. Does he call?

    • if I text and asks if he wants to cal he always tells me to call him unless its a special case that has to do with someone trying to destroy our relationship...but he texs his friends all the time as far as I know

    • For me, I'm a straight forward put it on the table kinda guy, I'd want to be told "hey this kinda bothers me" so we can sort it out and move on. I think you should do the same.

    • ok ill try thanx

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