Is he going to call?

The guy I was dating said something that really embarrassed me, I mean beyond repair...he thinks it was no big deal. ...but it is...he said we were over because I'm making a big deal out of it. ..I had no choice but to agree. Then about 6 hours later he texts me that he will miss hanging out with me, but that it was besides the point. I guess I'm just wondering if he will call and try and fix it. It seemed to me that we were really digging each other...a guys go for what they want regardless of how they might have messed up?


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  • Why are you waiting for him to fix it? If you really care about this relationship, you should make the first move and try to fix it yourself!

    What could be so embarassing? He might have been turned off by how embarassed you were and was hoping that you had thicker skin. After you got all embarassed, maybe he thought that you were too emotional and decided to call it quits.


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