I'm not exactly sure what he wants from me.. please help?

We first started hooking up about 4 years ago when he was engaged :/ obviously we quit after he got married. Now he's divorced and completely single. We just started hooking up again recently. He has a bad reputation of being a player and I know it. It really seems like he's starting to grow up though. I'm starting to realize that we have a lot in common personality-wise.. maybe that's one of the reasons I'm so hung up on him. Another reason is I love the way he makes me feel when were alone and he's so very affectionate. He matches all my needs it seems like. Last night while he was at work he asked me what my expectations were of us and I said I'm just trying to have some fun I'm not sure if I'm ready for anything serious right now. He got really busy and couldn't respond to me. So hopefully we will be able to talk about it today. So I know how he feels about me I'm just not sure what he wants from me.. if he wants to be in a serious relationship with me or what... please help?


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  • Its up to you and if he makes you feel good and so special then you two should talk and make up your mind and you should find out exactly what he wants and how far he wants to go with you and good luck 4 tonight