He texted me the next day?

I met this guy and we hung out all night and half the next day..Then the next day he texted me first thing in the morning? What ever happen to the 3 or 7 day rule or whatever?!


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  • That rule blows, if I wake up and am in a good mood and I want to call the girl, I'll just call her to set up a date.

    If she picks up, she's interested, if not.. I have my answer. Throughout my dating career, this is what I've done and it's worked.

    My name is That-guy and I approve of this message.

    • LOL. Nice to meet you that guy, and thanks for your input.

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    • Why is that?

    • Texting, online chatting and pin pal stuff are all things that beat around the bush and to me a waste of time.

      It also takes the excitement away of dating. You call them, talk briefly and plan a date. Then you get to get ready, go out and learn about the person. If you are chatting back and forth.. it just seems mundane and time waster.

      I've called girls and realized that the two of us aren't for each other. So I saved a couple bucks on dinner by simply realizing it sooner.

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  • I agree with that That-Guy guy (lol, see what I did there) forget old fashioned rules if you feel right about what you're doing. If I see my chance I don't want to risk waiting.


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  • Are you complaining? This guy I am currently seeing refuses to play the game and I think it is wonderful.

    • No I just always thought they do. I've never had a guy text me after like that. I really like it though. And I'm glad for you! :)

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    • I know! Crazzyy sh*t, though I just found out he texted my friend and he only had her number because she wanted to make sure I was okay because I didn't have my phone. so I think he's a player :( Damn it.