Do you guys (&girls) think this is weird?

I've been dating this guy for almost a year. We live really far away so we've only seen each other in person a few times but we try to stay in touch as much as possible. We've never had sex b4 & I've told him that I don't want to rush into anything. Here's the part I'm wondering is probably weird. I Haven't told him ANYTHING about my dating history/past relationships. Weird or not weird? It's been almost a year and I just Haven't brought it up. I've never dated a guy that long without mentioning guys in my past & etc. oh & my dating history is pretty normal, nothing like I've had sex with 20 guys or anything lol


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  • personally I wouldn't want to hear about a girl's history. not that it's bad if she tells me but sometimes it could unnecessary complication things. it could also be that you don't feel the need to tell him because he's different in a good way.

    I knew 2 people who were going out and the girl keeped comparing him to other guys in her life, rather it was a past Boyfriend or just other guys who were better. she was a bit crazy though.


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  • well long distance relationships are tough , this one is no different . some guys maybe would prefer to not know about the girls past . maybe he just doesn't care , he's just focused on the present not the past

    • ok thanks..

      say I was dating you & I didn't bring up my past, you wouldn't find it weird, right?

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