In a bit of a pickle.

well me and my ex have been brokin up for about 4 or 5 weeks now she got a rebound two days after the break up (btw she met him right after the break up to)so there dating still but they got into it on what would have been mine and her 1 year(bad ass anniversary gift btw)but the thing is iunno if she is really over me or not she clams she hates me and never wants to talk to me but I got a deep gut feeling that she's doing it to hurt me and she still loves me but the thing is I'm starting to like another girl but I still really love me ex but iunno how my ex feels about me still I don't want to ask her though I'm giving her every space in the world you know but I'm juggling girls right now I figure I can hang with this girl and see how it goes but I'm really afraid my ex isn't over even though she clams she is and she will get really hurt and I don't want the girl I'm talking to to feel like a rebound because I'm really not over my ex yet what do yall think?


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  • I think you should not date anyone. If your ex is trying to move on than that is that. You should spend some time on your own until you get over your ex. It's not fair to bring another girl in your life when you are not over your ex. I would really stay single until things are more clear.

    • U think I should try hangin with her at least???

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    • Maybe this guy is and maybe he isn't. There's no point in analyzing something. If she wants to come back she will but it just might be too late. For the time being work on getting over her. Why did she say she hated you? Did you do something? Who broke up with who?

    • I broke up with her because she kicked me out of her damn car but she came back for me and begged for forgiveness and I was extremely pissed and she cried and stormed out of my house and I called her to days later and said I'm calm but lets ake a brake and work things out but she said she didn't know what she wanted then ended up dating that guy that very night she told me and I guess the begging her back thing didn't help she told my sister we were probably going to get back but it didn't happen

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  • move on if I were you. you guys broke up for a reason and I think it's hard for guys to forgive a girl after she has slept with another guy. it will always be in the back of your mind.


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  • Man I just posted a comment like this look if she is going to rebound you need to let it go. Or swallow your pride and ask her. You don't want to think about this forever do you. I have had love lost and I have thought about that person everyday for 5 years and inbetween 2 other relationships. Its a shitty feeling swallow pride and find out if you guys still love each other.

    You better do it before it gets physicla with that other guy because that stuff you can't forgive.