The differences between the life of people?

So,how's your life with or without bf/gf?I mean what are the major differences between the ones with boyfriend/girlfriend and without..


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  • i am single and I am very huppy and confterbal whene I am with a guy I get unxious I don't like seeing theme evry day and night I am weired am I ?

    • You sure you not a lesbian?lol jk its pretty normal we all have our own prefrences!

    • hhh funny but no I am not lesbian for sur and for my prefrences to tell you the truth I am not sure what are they but this I nkow I am confterbal without a men in my life right now

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  • for me, the only real difference is getting regular sex.

  • Without it can be lonely at time but then again I'm good not having to worry about someone else at the moment,

  • With a boyfriend, I have someone to cuddly with and have sex with. That is the only difference for me.


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  • Thinking back... compared to married life now.

    Before I had my wife...

    It was more lonely.

    Nobody was nagging me.

    Few people yelled at me and if they did I could go home and lock the door.

    I didn't have to adhere to anyone else's agenda - only my own, if and when I chose to make one.

    Sometimes I wish I were single again and people wouldn't nag the hell out of me.

    But knowing what I know now I would never opt for a long term relationship again.

    • Do you mean a long term relationship sans marriage? Or including a marriage situation?

    • I mean that I wouldn't take a long term relationship of any kind, with or without marriage again.

      Once is enough. If I knew I'd end up hen-pecked/pu$$y-whipped, whatever, I never would have gotten married.

      I probably never would have dated.