How many guys like to makeout with girls when they aren't dating anyone?

there is this guy I want to make out with him but we aren't dating and we do like almost everything together during school... but he hasn't asked me out and its annoying me... so I'm trying to give hints for him to ask me out...

and I've been telling him I feel like makeing out with someone and I think he just messes around and is like ill makeout with you but I can't tell Because its on text...

and he won't get the hints!

should I just ask him if he really wants to makeout with me or just keep giving him hints or just flirt with him as much as possible and try to get him to do it?


dating someone now so nvm...


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  • Im down for anything as long as she's some what attractive. and for your problem as hyrule said girls hints are like a fart in the wind compared to how forward men are so, what I would do is get your big girl shoes on and just straight out ask him out if he wants to go on a date or if you want to just makeout I'm sure he'll want to do that to !

    • THATS FUNNY LOL I don't ask guys out its just the way I roll lol so I wait for them to ask me out lol and ill probly just ask him if he wants to make out lol

    • Personally, I've always responded well to forward girls. It shows that they can be bold and slightly adventurous. It's better than having someone wait around for you to make their move while you're trying to decode their "hints."

    • thats true I might as well just ask him too...

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  • Well is this just for make out, as in not leading somewhere? Because that might be considered just a tease.

    • more like leading somewhere because I REALLY like this dude...

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    • That's huntings symptoms instead of source... :P

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