Am I a rebound guy??

Alright. there's this girl I met a few weeks ago who is now my girlfriend. She pretty much creeped on me over Facebook with a friend and played the role of secret admirer until a few weeks ago. We met and hit it off. I asked her out and we're going out. Everything's been going well, but I'm starting to think I'm a rebound. Basically, she went out with some ghetto looking kid last January and they went out for five months. They broke up in August because her parents didn't accept him. He loved her supposedly and showed it. They didn't have sex or anything but she was seriously considering marrying him. Anyway they broke up in August, and as recently as December she was talking about how good he was to her. We started going out, and me being the wary guy I was I asked her straight up if she had feelings for him to which she said no but that he was the first guy to show her he loved her and that's what she holds on to. Anyway I don't know what to do. Something is iffy, she doesn't like talking about him and she admits she was devastated by it but says I'm the greatest guy she's ever met or so she claims. I don't know if I should end it now, even if she's perfect, because I don't want to deal with him potentially coming in the picture. he's supposedly getting engaged but sh*t happens.

She says he was wrong for her in so many ways*


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  • I think so but if that's the case tell her you want to take things slow.


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