Guys, do you send out a lot of group texts to a bunch of girls?

I've been talking to a guy for a few months now and recently he's been on and off with texting me. He used to text me every morning for two months straight and used my name, he used smilies, called me beautiful. We have hung out a few times as well (he took me to the movies, we made out once and I hung out once at his house as well). He has told me he likes me too. I don't see him often because I go to school far away.

Often times he will start a convo then stop texting me and in the morning start over (he never did this before). This morning, he texted me "good morning! :)" then we talked a bit and he didn't respond after a few responses. This sounds weird but I know quite a few guys who send group texts to everyone or a bunch of girls. I may be paranoid or over-thinking it, but it crossed my mind this morning and I've been wondering about it.

So I'm wondering maybe he's sending out group texts in the morning and I respond to them then he stops talking to me? Guys do you send out texts in the am to all of your friends or a bunch of girls at once and see who responds?


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  • I don't, but most guys do, yes. Going further into your problem here is that I believe he did or does really like you, but the distance thing has cooled his feelings. If you want to be with him you need to explain that you like him and want to move forward together despite the distance.


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