Why do you never text your girlfriend first?

I'm hoping this doesn't mean my guy is not that into me. Our primary form of contact (when we're not together) is texting, but I always text first. The relationship is only new so I thought he might not want to look too keen, or maybe he just doesn't think to text me. What do you think?

What are your reasons for never texting first...?

Btw I never text more than a few times a day:) so I'm not swamping him with messages...


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  • I never call first (neither text, but I don't text much anyway.) because that's what the lady in the relationship is supposed to do. From my perspective having her be the first one to initiate contact most of the time (not necessarily ALL of the time) is a good way of keeping a good communication balance. Also, when she calls I will answer, so its not like we are distant.

    I don't want to be all over her because then I would be needy and be less attractive to her. So, on my experience this keeps a good balance between being too needy and being too distant. On my experience this approach is the one that will keep the girls happier. (even if they say otherwise. Many times women say they want one thing but not really.)

    • As I asked above:) so you don't think I'll look needy always having to text him since has hasn't texted me...?

    • Unless you are really contacting him for pity things you could solve yourself, no, I don't think you would sound needy.

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  • I do it when I feel like I want her to be wanting me even more. absence makes the heart grow fonder. just gotta make sure it's done the right amount or else she gets pissed and it backfires.

  • Because if he texted you first, you would think he is needy and dump him. You may not realize that is the reason, but it is what would happen.

    • Do you think I look needy by texting first? I hope not?! :-/

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    • Well if it's just a few times a day it is probably fine. Also it is important what the messages are. If you are just BSing that is cool, but if you are constantly asking for his help or complaining or getting his opinion on things it could get old. Stuff like that is fine in moderation, but you don't want to make him feel like you would be lost without him.

    • Oh okay, that helps to know. Thanks!:)

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